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Author Topic: Krag Peterson question  (Read 11471 times)

24. June 2010 kl. 2:43:37
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Can anyone please tell me why there seem to be so many different rear sights on Krag Petersons. Were there different models or are these replacement sights or prototype guns?

01. July 2010 kl. 7:55:35
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At a guess I'd say they are prototypes.  Have you found and actual KP?
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02. July 2010 kl. 1:07:31
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Hi Fabian,
I guess they could be prototypes, but I seem to find more pictures of prototypes than of regular rifles. :-D

No, I have not gotten my hands on one, perhaps someday....maybe?

02. July 2010 kl. 7:09:26
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They are hiding them from us I tell you!  Just like all them KLs and Jarmanns :-D
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02. July 2010 kl. 23:32:53
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Sometimes I think there is just a wee bit of a trouble maker in you. :asswipe:

21. July 2010 kl. 13:41:08
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Øyvind F.

One of the sights is the typical Kongsberg (Norwegian) sight of the same type as was used on the rolling block rifle, another was used on the kammerlader rifles, and early rolling blocks. Some of the other pictures shows an Enfield type ladder sight which was also used on Swedish rolling block rifles. Trond or krutnarr should know more about this.
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09. August 2010 kl. 10:33:25
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There is not enough information here or good enough pictures, so I will have to guess. The Krag Petersons were mainly produced in Sweden (870, of these 200 were assembled in Norway) for the Norwegian Nay. An additional 100 were produced at Carl Johans Vern in Norway (serial # 301-400). All these had the Krag rear sight from the Norwegian Remington:

A CJV to the left and a Swedish one to the right, the M1867 Remington to the left of these.

In addition to the above mentioned there were produced some carbines for the Danish navy(? - might be the army). These rear sight look a lot like Danish rear sight from the period. This carbine was a single shooter, but some of the pictures show repeaters. These might be Danish prototypes.

Sorry that I can't help more, but I am at my summer house with no literature.


10. August 2010 kl. 9:48:37
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Thank you gentleman for your responses. They are greatly appreciated.

03. May 2012 kl. 14:40:07
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I saw in pictures you do have 2 krag-peterson rifle.
Is it possibly get the pictures of those rifles.
I am making the Book European military rifles 1867-1886 in Finnish language.
I am happy if you can help me .
If yes I'll send you my e-mail adress.

03. May 2012 kl. 14:49:59
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Try my page at Norske Våpen, you can lift the oictures they or write me if they are are too poor.

04. May 2012 kl. 1:14:30
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Hello Paavo,

I am sure Trond has much better representatives of the Krag Peterson than I have. I also only have one example of this treasured rifle in my collection. If you would still like pictures of it please send me an email at eiden@centurytel.net

Thank You