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Jeg mangler føringsdelen til en av mine to studserpistoler se under:

M1843 & M1848 Naval percussion pistol

I find most Kongsberg firearms to be beautifull esthetical designs. The “large” M1843 percussion pistol, however, is from my point of view an exception from this. The M1843 pistol has a lot in common with the perhaps nicest designed Norwegian long-gun - the naval M1843 musket, but it just does not look good.

Like the M1843, the lock plate goes backwards from the hammer. The stock is bent down in almost a full 90 degree, as a result many of these cracked during use. As the naval archives burned, there is no information in regards to how many M1843 were produced. The pistol is fairly difficult to get hold of.

I am not sure if the M1848 was made as a result of problems with the M1843 or if there was another reason for having this small, continental style. The pistol is said to have been made in two versions – one for the navy with a brass front sight and one for the Norwegian postal services without any front sight. I doubt there really were two models, as I’ve only seen the one without the front sight. One of the pistols I have is a relic from the fire at the naval base Carl Johans Vern that was bombed during WW2. What would a postal services pistol be doing there? Norwegian naval arms are a bit of a problem as all documentation vanished up into thick smoke.

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Joe wright

I may have the rarest of pistols then, a 1845 Norwegian Navy pistol
Percussion, smooth bore,.62cal/15.7mm
Brass front sight and Brass Butt
Original ram rod Excellent condition.
Perhaps the only one in existence.
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Old Colt

Hi Joe,

and welcome to the forum!  :)

You have an M/1843 model, of the approximately 850 produced in 1845 and 1846. I am not aware of any other years of manufacture than those two. Your pistol appears indeed to in good condition, and the handle is not broken! That is almost a rarity...

I know KVF keeps a record of observed examples, and will appreciate yours to be logged there.


You have a nice gun! Congratulations.

All the best from Old Colt