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Author Topic: Military Rifles of Armies in Europe 1867-1886  (Read 207 times)

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A new publication on European black powder cartridge rifles a largely neglected area of firearms research has just been published by Paavo Raukko,  titled “Military Rifles of Armies in Europe 1867-1886”.
The book is hard back with full colour photographs and text filling 250 pages.
In alphabetic order each major country of Europe has a foreword covering the basic political history and the development of the country's firearms industry followed in chronological order with photographs showing the development of their service arms with pictures showing close up details of the major differences between models, under each firearm is shown the basic issue bayonet.
It also lists calibre, overall length , barrel length, number of grooves, twist rate and rear sight measurement.
At the end of each section are various photos of ammunition and relevant data.
The book provides good solid information and will appeal to novice or advanced collectors.


If anyone have questions of the book do not hesitate to ask