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Author Topic: .69 U.S. Model 1842 smooth-bore and accuracy  (Read 847 times)

02. February 2018 kl. 14:23:54
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By now my "svartkrutt love" has degenerated to the point that I not only shoot patched round balls, skirmish with a .58 Minié, but I also have an original Model 1842 .69 caliber musket.  I got it with an extra rifled and sighted barrel for use with Minié balls, but I'm not sure if it is OK to shoot yet, unlike the smooth-bore barrel, which is quite accurate at 25 yards.  I'll soon test it at 50.

I intend to make some tallow-dipped paper cartridges for it, and also try shooting it with a wet patch to snug it tight within the bore.

It might interest you European and Scandinavian muzzle-loaders to know how U.S. skirmishers get better accuracy results?

The balls are rasped so that they resemble a golf ball--as seen in Øyvind Flatnes' book--solely so that a lubricant can adhere to the surface, and to remove any sprue.  Several coats of ALOX lube are applied and allowed to dry.  The idea is that like a rifled barrel the lubricant will keep the fouling soft.  A patch seems much easier to me, but of course it is results that count!

I'll be taking it to my very first smooth-bore match this month, February 2018.

Hälsnings från Texas!