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11. April 2010 kl. 15:48:43
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Hi a friend of me managed to come across a kropatschek rifle do you or anyone else know if its a blackpowder rifle. Also can you still purchase brass and reloading dies and a bullet mould.

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11. April 2010 kl. 15:56:41
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It is indeed a black powder rifle, the caliber is 8x60R.  Brass is available in the US at BuffaloArms and dies are made by CH4D.  For bullets the choice is quite wide, some use .323" bullets although the real caliber is actually nearer to .328", measuring your bore will be the best way to find what is right for you.  I use cast .329" bullets with a gas check. In Europe brass can also be found in Germany but I can't remember right now who makes it.
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12. April 2010 kl. 7:22:14
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If you are using BA cases, you can use a RCBS #5 (.348Win) shellholder. If you ever get around to reloading original Portuguese cases (Berdan) you will need eithe a proper 8mm Lebel S/H or a 11mm Gras S/H or a custom made 8x56/60 krop. s/H; all these can be obtained from RCBS.(rim size is different from .348W )

12. April 2010 kl. 18:10:08
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Thank you for the information andyjor.

Out of interest if you know how can you tell if the sights are the orginals for blackpowder rounds as I take it they may of change them for nitro powder rounds.

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12. April 2010 kl. 18:16:33
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Thank you for the information Fabian23 I'd also like post the same question I ask andyjor.
Ref. sights

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13. April 2010 kl. 8:48:02
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Modified sights on a rifle should be graduated to 2,200m for the nitro cartridge.  

I don't know if the short rifle and carbine sights were modified.
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13. April 2010 kl. 9:05:15
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Øyvind F.

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30. December 2011 kl. 1:57:27
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I just bought one myself and was wondering if you have tried 348 winchester cases for your brass.

Im also wondering if 8mm Lebel brass or dies will work?

I have a Lee Precision 205 grain .329 GC bullet mold $28 US (made for Steyr M95 rifle) I will try, I also use it for my Siamese Mauser and two Swedish Rolliong block sporters.

I shoot a lot of old 1880's era rifle (also have two swiss vetterli's and a swiss peabody I converted to CF) in Shilouette competition here in Ca.

I have a few sharps, a hi-wall, Danish RB and 8x58 Krag so am busy all the time.

Interested in your cartridge solution.

19. July 2012 kl. 20:56:44
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Hi 6mmintl sorry for my long long delay in getting back to you haven't done a lot
did purchase dies and Bertram brass. How have you got on with your.

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29. July 2012 kl. 14:31:06
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I am using 348 Win cases with chamfered rim to fit to bolt, Lee .329" 205 grain 8x56R steyr GC mold, and 22.3 grains of IMR SR4759 powder and it shoot great, 2" groups at 100 yards sometimes 1.5", for 3-5 shot groups.