Gradering kruttmål (Utstyr og tilbehør)

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Conical Projectiles
Conical projectiJes must be toaded without patcbes. Il they are not purchased prelubricåted, they must be
greased with TraditionsTM WonderLube or any commercial btack powder bullet tube.
The most accurate load for a conical projectile is usually 5 to 10 gralns above those for round balli;. Maximum powder toads' for these projectiles in eacb caliber are identical to those noted above for round balli;. Conical projectiles must fit tightly. {See Recommended Loads):
'Commeicial grade btack powder designed for muzzleloaders should be used. The oniy other propellant whicb may be used in TraditionsTM percussion rifles is Pyrodex@ RS (Rifle and Shotgun Powder) and P
(Pistol Powder) for use in TraditionsTM percussion pistols. (Pyrodex@, is not recommended for flintlocks.)' Pyrodex" produces approximately the same results as an equivalent volume of black powder. Therefore. tl)e recommended cbarges apply to Pyrodex@, il a powder measure graduated in grains (as most powder measures are) is used.

Round Ball Projeetiles
.' Black Powder CHarge*
Round Patch Most Accurate Maximum
Calibur Ball Thickness grains granulation grains granula,on
Pistol .32 .310 .012 10-12 3F 20 3F
.45 .440 .015 15-20 3F 35 3F
.50 .490 .015 20-25 3F 45 3F
Rifle .32 .310 .012 20 3F 35 3F
.36 .350 .015 40-50 2F 70 2F
35-45 3F 65 3F
.45 .440 .015 46-70 2F 100 2F
40-65 3F 95 3F
.50 .490 .015 50-75 2F 110 2F
45-70 3F 105 3F
.54 .530 .015 55-80 2F 125 2F
50-75 3F 120 3F
.58 .562 .015 60-85 2F 135 2F
55-80 3F 130 3F
Flintlod< 4F -'
1. Cannons or very large-caJiber rifles - we recommend 1 fl fg (coarsest granuc
lation) black powder or Pyrodex'. ..
2. .45 to .58 caJiber rifles - we recommend 2 flffg (coarsegranulation) black
powder, Pyrodex@. RS or Pyrodex@. Select.
3. Revolvers, pistols, and .38 caliber - 3 fl fffg (standard granulation) black
powder, Pyrodex..P.
4. Flintlock primer - 4 fl ffffg (finest granulation) black powder.
Store all propellants according to the manufacturer's instructions listed on each container. Local fire regulations should also be followed.

Dette er en tabell som `TRADITIOONS PERFOMANSE FIREARMS` har for munladninger, så du kan jo se om dette gir et svar på
Graderingen på kruttmålet.

Dette blir litt `hulter til bulter opplegg`da jeg scanner og kopierer og limer, men håper du finner ut av det likevel.

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