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Konkurranse for juni 2016 (Stevner)

av jke @, Wisconsin US, onsdag 29. juni 2016, kl. 17:07 (1119 dager siden) @ Øyvind F.
redigert av jke, onsdag 29. juni 2016, kl. 17:14

Greetings to all the fine black powder shooters.

The old Larsen Liege is still a better shooter than I am. ;-)

To me it looks like two in the 8 ring, two in the 10 ring, and the rest in the 9 ring. For a total of 90. Please feel free to correct me if I am mistaken.

12.7X44, 450 gr, 60 gr Swiss ffg. At 55 meters.

Now, to relax and clean guns. :-P


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