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Dr Goodwin (Utstyr og tilbehør)

av MrOneTwo @, torsdag 4. mai 2017, kl. 06:45 (1120 dager siden) @ jke

Takk for innsatsen Øyvind... Si fra når du gir opp letingen:-) , for da kan jeg sende en bestilling til gutta der borte...

John... That grouping was made with the old style Government round nose 500 grs bullet in front of 70ish grs of Swiss 1 1/2 F (probably closer to 75 grs)..... 0.06" Veggie wad between bullet and load. Powder compressed 3mm.... and I always run the powder through a drop tube first.

I have another load waiting to be tested on paper. Ray Hansson, a member of team USA send me a bullet mould that makes a 540 grs bullet with the first band reduced. That one makes it easy to get 80 grs in the 45-70 casing. I have even loaded some with 85 grs. But the compression might be a little bit over the edge. With the 80 grs load I compressed 4.2mm. I have tested it through the chronograph, and it makes 1333 fps. So it should reach the 1000 yard line with enough authority to make a statement.

Jeg ble født på kvelden, men ikke i går kveld...

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