Siktemiddel til Vetterliklassen (Utstyr og tilbehør)

av Sharp, søndag 9. juli 2017, kl. 22:40 (881 dager siden) @ Kammerherren

Her er det som står i regelverket til MLAIC:
b) Free Rifles A free rifle is any original muzzle loading rifle not qualifying as a Military rifle in a) above, with contemporary sights (excluding telescopic or optical) for use in competitions Nos. 4, 8, 15, 17, 20, 24, and are subject to the following - i) Aperture sights (including modern made reproduction sights) are permitted provided their design is consistent with the period of manufacture (1899) and appropriate to the type of firearm. This applies to both rear and front-sights. ii) Military rifles of any bore diameter may be used in the above competitions. Where a military rifle is used in such ‘Free Rifles’ events the restrictions on cleaning between shots and the use of funnels and loading tubes do not apply. iii) It is prohibited to bend barrels to alter their point of aim.

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