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44-77 Remington (Patronvåpen)

av Orion ⌂ @, Sandnessjøen, lørdag 24. november 2018, kl. 21:54 (451 dager siden) @ Roy-Terje Kjoberg

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.44-77 Sharps and .44-77 Remington

This pair is actually the same cartridge. The .44-77 was introduced in 1869 by Sharps for their Model 1869 rifle, and was based on the Sharps 2 1/4" rimmed, bottleneck case. This case had a base diameter of .516", shoulder diameter of .502" and neck diameter of .467". Bullet diameter was .446" and cartridge overall length was 3.05".

It was also available under the Remington name in their No. 3 Rolling Block rifle. The .44-77 was used for both hunting and target shooting.

Factory loads were provided with various bullet weights up to 470 grains. Using a 365 grain bullet, one typical factory load had an advertised MV of 1460 fps and ME of 1730 ft. lbs.

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