Larsen trials rifle (Våpensamling)

av pereh, fredag 17. mai 2019, kl. 16:19 (278 dager siden) @ jke

Interesting rifle!
Because of the Jan Mayen marking I would think the rifle belongd either to a station or a ship. The Norwegian meteorological institute established a weatherstation at Jan Mayen i 1921. Before that it was only trapping and some scientific activity on the island, and no nations had claimed it. It could be a gun belonging to the meteorolgical station. It also existed a ship, M/S Jan Mayen. It was built in 1942 as an armed trawler, but in 1942 it seems unlikely to put such a rifle on the ship.
Is it possible to get some more information about the letter above "Jan Mayen" They might be helpful.
Good luck!

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