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Larsen trials rifle (Våpensamling)

av Øyvind F. ⌂ @, Bergen, lørdag 18. mai 2019, kl. 00:17 (447 dager siden) @ jke

They don't necessarily have to be Norwegian. For example, H. Larsen supplied kammerlader rifles to Scottish seal and whale hunters stationed in Peterhead, Scotland. Perhaps he continued to supply them with more modern cartridge rifles after the kammerlader rifles were obsolete?

At least two whalers/sealers from the Peterhead fleet was named Jan Mayen. One was built as a wood sailing vessel in 1859 in Peterhead and was owned by Tay Whale Fishing Company in 1882. Another was a steamer launched in 1873 in Bremerhafen and was owned by Dundee Polar Fishing Company at the same time.

In 1884 the Jan Mayen belonging to Dundee Polar Fishing Company in Peterhead arrived at Shetland from a Greenland seal hunt with 65 tons of seal oil. The hunters had killed 3,000 young and 800 old seals. In 1882 the company’s other ship, the Nova Zembla with a crew of 55, arrived from Greenland with 10,000 young and old seals, apparently the largest cargo that had been brought from Greenland for many years. The hunt lasted for two months. This is industrial hunting that would require an arsenal of excellent rifles – although a lot of them were probably clubbed to death with the hakapik.

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