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Larsen trials rifle (Våpensamling)

av Øyvind F. ⌂ @, Bergen, lørdag 18. mai 2019, kl. 19:56 (373 dager siden) @ jke

Some more information about Norwegian sealers, Larsen and vessels named Jan Mayen:

The book Bøssemager i Drammen Hans Larsen by M. W. Hauerbach says on page 41 that Hans Larsen and captain Krag was in Tønsberg in 1870 to demonstrate their rifles to the city’s seal hunters. According to a newspaper quoted by Hauerbach, a rapid-firing, simple, strong and secure rifle was of utmost importance to the sealers, because a shot fired in the Arctic Ocean was worth 4 to 5 spesidaler (Norwegian dollar) which equaled the value of a seal. The rifles had to be accurate, because the hunter had to hit the seal’s small brain.

The newspaper also said that the sealers preferred Larsens rifle over that of Krag.

There was at least one sealing vessel from Norway named Jan Mayen in 1870. This year a brig named Jan Mayen arrived in Tønsberg with a load of 2,000 old and 2,900 young seals. In 1874 the result had increased to 4,300 old and 4,000 young. For an early 1870 timeframe, a 12mm cartridge also fit quite well.

In the thread at the English forum there is a similar rifle which seems to be marked “Mar”.


This could be the Norwegian sealer Marie which was active in 1871 and caught 7,000 young seals. At the same time Jan Mayen had only caught 2,000.

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