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What gun is this? (Ikke spesifisert)

av ben74 @, lørdag 4. april 2020, kl. 16:08 (127 dager siden) @ jke

This is a Kongsberg Harpungevær M/48, Kongsberg Fangstgevær M/48, Kongsberg Redningsgevær M/48, Kongsberg Redningsgevær M/48 Revidert.

It is so rare that they do not have a picture of it on the KVF. It's the first time I've seen one.
Here is a link:

Its made of a scrubbed Mannlicher G98/40 the Germans left here in 45.

Here is a link to the rigt box for it ,but with a M/28 gun in it.

Here is a link to a M/48 made on a Mannlicher M/1895.

They were weaker than the M/52 guns made on the K98k rifles, so not many of them were made.
The extractors is a weak point of G98/40 to so a heavy harpoon does not help the reliability.

You can se the serial 88 on the bolt , probably the serial number for the rifle.

If you are in the US. And collect Norwegian weapons so buy, you probably won't get the chance again.
It is annoying that the seller does not ship internationally.

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