Shooting Swedish Remingtons!

Started by Iceburn, 01. August 2007 kl. 18:32:02

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Do any of you guys shoot Swedish rolling blocks? I have recently acquired a mint condition roller marked 'H' and '1879'. That should indicate that it was made at the Husky factory 128 years ago! :-D

Do you have suggestions regarding bullets, powder, loading procedure and other suggestion for a green first time black powder cartridge loader? I'm not completely new to black powder and I hunt with a 50 cal T/C Hawken rifle during the ML season.



Hi Iceburn,

welcome and congratulations on your wise choise!  Anything shooting with an "H" on it is by me considered the right tool for the right job!

The Swedish remingtons can be fine shooters, but they are very individual, and often require a lot of research before one find the right load for it.

Here in Norway, we usually shoot a Swedish bullet called "Jämtkuglen" or the Lee 450 grain .515 bullet.  Brass is supplied by Bertram Brass in Australia, and one can use a 50-70 Gvt dieset for reloading.

Primer is a hot discussion item these days. Some have great results with Large Magnun Rifle primers, while others have very good results with plain Large Pistol.  And the load? Somewhere between 50 and 65 should fit well. Again very many different recipies around - some use FFFg while others use FFg. As long as you fill the space not occupied by powder in the cartridge case with a filler of some kind to avoid air in it it is pretty safe.  A grease cookie is fine in there too.

I recommend you buy or borrow a book covering the general procedures for reloading as well?

Good Luck!


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You might find this article quite interesting and enjoyable. Good luck!
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Øyvind F.

> Do any of you guys shoot Swedish rolling blocks? I have recently acquired a
> mint condition roller marked 'H' and '1879'.

Yes, of course! :-D

I shoot a Husqvarna that was made in 1874 with 58 grains of Wano FFg powder and a Jämt bullet, or 50 grains of Swiss #3 and the same bullet. The brass is .348 Win. cases primed with Federal Magnum Large Rifle primers. I use a wax disc and a 13 mm cardboard disc over the powder with Wano powder. However, with Swiss powder I use semolina to fill up the space between powder and bullet.

Below is a picture of my first shots with the Swiss powder. The distance is 50 metres for the two targets at the top, and 100 metres for the picture at the bottom.

Øyvind F. - forum admin
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Thanks for the replies guys. I need cases and I guess I can use the Lee bullet.

Where can I get contact info for Bertram Brass? Do they have a web site?


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Hello Iceburn. As far as I know, Bertram still don't have a website.
Neverheless, he must have a PC:

wishes for you and the old smokepole!
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You might try the following link.  They have 12.7x44r Bertram and 12,7x44r norwegian:
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I have one of the tiny Carl Gustav RB artillery carbines.  I use Bertram brass and the old fashioned profile .515" bullet.  I found that a gentle load of 35gr Swiss#2 gives me POA accuracy at 50m using the battle sight (set at least I think its meters).  

I went up to 55gr for fun :-P .  Gave a hell of a kick, as carbines often do.  Nice flame ball too :-D
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G/Day from Australia Rotta
Is the Jamtkuglen mould available

from suppliers over there and what size have you been sizing it to it seems to shoot better than the lee does at 100mts


G'Day Down Under, David,

The "Jämtkugle" mould is sold by a Danish gentleman living in Sweden called Ole Tinggård.  His address and phone numer is, I do not think he has got an email address or web page:

Ole Tinggaard
Box 61,
Mobile Phone: + 46 (0)70 68 90 473

This bullet is shot right out of the mould - we generally don't size it.  There are rumors that the producent of the mould is now more than 80 years old and that he wants to quit making it, so I'd hurry up if I were you:lookaround:


Thanks for the Information Rotta, If you are not sizeing the projectiles what size do they fall from the mold at.

Thanks again for your help:-)

Øyvind F.

This particular bullet is heel based. Out of the mould my bullets measure:

Base diameter: 12.6 mm/.496"
Driving band diameter: 13.1 mm/.515"
Øyvind F. - forum admin
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I use a droptube when loading,and the Lyman 515141 bullet,sized to .501.Using a droptube i can get more powder in the cartridge,wich with some of these rifles seams like an advantage.I put a vad made from milkcarton between bullet and powder.With 70gns of Swiss#3,this makes a very accurate load in my rifle.But as mentioned before,these rifles are very individual in question to what load they prefer.Good luck!


Boy, do I ever! :-D   I have been messing about with Swedish rollers for about eight years and have owned aand shot a whole pile of them.  Now I have mostly commercial sporters.  I have a Number 1 rifle in 12.7x44R, a Number 4 20 gauge rifle and a Model 33 (small frame model) in 9.5x47R - all of them fullstocked.  

The No. 1 shoots best, since that is the one I worked most with.  But the No. 4 will actually shoot a 4" group from the bench at 100 yards!  Not bad for a .662 dia. round ball.