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Author Topic: 22LR Greener martini  (Read 7194 times)

13. November 2009 kl. 16:21:10
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Bought this W.W.Greener "Made for the NRA" Enfield 1888 Martini in 22LR and even though the barrel looked good it shot terrible, 12" groups at 100 yards.

I pulled the barrel to find a ringed barrel and washed out rifle in the first 8" from chamber end.

I decided to rebarrel with an old Anschutz Match 54 bull barrel I had bought 15 years ago. it came out well and shoots into one hole at 25 yards.

15. November 2009 kl. 22:12:10
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.22LR being such a well known black powder cartridge, thus ideal for discussion on a black powder forum?!  :confused:
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08. December 2009 kl. 14:40:07
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Original Martini 450/577/firearm being such a well known black powder cartridge rifle, is ideal for discussion on a black powder forum

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Øyvind F.

Here is an interesting thread from another forum about loading .22 black powder cartridges. Got to try that sometime!
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