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Author Topic: English sea service flintlock pistol  (Read 5873 times)

11. December 2013 kl. 21:10:46
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Hi. Just checking what is the correct charge and what is the correct size of ball to use in a reproduction English sea service flintlock pistol?

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What's the calibre and who's the maker?

You must use a ball that is slightly undersize relative to the bore and a patch that is thick enough to seal the bore. Assuming the pistol is about .62 cal I'd start with about 30 to 40 grains if FFFg.

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Hi Gill sorry for the delay in getting back to you due to work  thanks for posting according to Henry Kranks of England's online catalogue maker is INDIAN.


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As a general rule for flintlock and percussion you can say for pistols start at half the diameter in grains and for rifles the diameter in grains.
So for a .62 cal pistol start at 31 grains op powder and work your way up from there.