Husqvarna No.33 rifles

Started by Smokepole50, 12. March 2023 kl. 14:52:05

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1 own 3 of these Bird Rifles.

I have two 9.3x57R/360 rifles and one 8x57R/360 rifle.

I was wondering if these two cartridge chamberings were BP only. I have many black powder rifles and in general they tend to show more corrosion after 100+ years then these three rifles show. I am wondering if Norma or DWM loaded BP cartridges for these model 33's since they were built, I think, around the transition time from BP to smokeless?

Thanks for all comments.....really love Husqvarna rifles.

Cap'n Redneck

The book "Husqvarna Kulvapen 1870-1970" states that the Model 33 was manufactured between 1877 and 1912.
The book lists the "8x57R/.360" & "9,15x57R/.360" among available calibers.
(and yes; the book calls it the "9,15x57R", not the "9,3x57R".)

In the book "Handloader's Manual of Cartridge Conversion" the .360 is listed as ".360 Nitro Express", introduced by Kynoch in 1884.

The "9,3x57R/.360" is listed as a "bottleneck", European cartridge introduced circa 1890. 

Seems to me that the "bottleneck"-shape of the European cartridge is so minimal that it is interchangeable with the straight (or slightly conical) .360 cartridge for all practical purposes...?

The below link has info that confirms the .360's transition from a blackpowder express to a nitro express:

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